Fish Farming Tank

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Project Description

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Fish Farming Tank

Fish farming Tanks be widely used in fish farming.This is an economical way to allow us to quickly set our own pond and to recover the cost in the shortest possible time. We offer galvanized fish ponds with plastic tub fish ponds. We always prepare the most suitable products for our customers……

Check → Fish Farming Tank Assembly video


CQSINOPRO Fish Farming tank we provide Galvanized Steel Tube and Plastic Tube.

Galvanized Steel Tube Fish Farming Tank Provide the high quality the galvanized iron pipe is anti-corrosion anti-ultraviolet. Have a longer life, in the match with our high-strength PVC liner, can be a good use. When we also offer the special application for fish farming CQSINOPRO fish farming material.

Plastic Tube Fish Farming Tank made of high-quality PVC anti-UV and reinforced fish safety PVC jacket made, the design is extremely safe and cautious. These tanks are often seen in the Koi Show and are used to transport fish or isolated fish. All plastic parts, no metal rust! The show tank currently has two shapes and many different sizes to choose from.


Our Fish Farming Tanks Application:

  • Fish-fry Hatching

  • Fish Aquaculture

  • Fish Farming

  • Koi Show/ Koi Match

Fish Farming Tank Specs:

  • Capacity: 1,000 – 40,000 litre
  • Double Welding / Galvanized Steel Tube/ Plastic Tube
  • Optional 1-4” Ball Valves and Flange
  • Optional C Type and D Type Quick Connect
  • Optional Cover
  • Optional Ground Sheet
  • Repair Kits
  • Heavy PVC Material / Fish Farming Material(Optional)

Fish Farming Tank can be used for fishery farming, such as carp, goldfish, ornamental rain, silver carp, grass carp, catfish. This is really a very good product.

Standard Dimensions (Custom Sizes Available)

Type Volume Thickness Weight Size Package Packing Size
SPLP-2 200L 0.7mm 2.6Kg 1.4*0.9m Carton Box 0.4*0.4*0.3m
SPLP-5 500L 0.7mm 4.7Kg 2*1.1m Carton Box 0.4*0.4*0.3m
SPLP-10 1,000L 0.7mm 7.5Kg 2.5*1.5m Carton Box 0.5*0.4*0.3m
SPLP-20 2000L 0.8mm 13.3Kg 3*2m Carton Box 0.5*0.4*0.3m
SPLP-25 2500L 0.8mm 16.5Kg 3*2.5m Carton Box 0.5*0.4*0.3m
SPLP-30 3000L 0.8mm 18.7Kg 3.7*2.2m Carton Box 0.4*0.5*0.4m
SPLP-40 4000L 0.8mm 22Kg 4*2.4m Carton Box 0.7*0.5*0.4m
SPLP-50 5000L 0.9mm 26Kg 4.3*2.6m Carton Box 0.7*0.5*0.4m
SPLD-60 6000L 0.9mm 33.8Kg 4.7*2.9m Carton Box 0.7*0.5*0.4m
SPLP-70 7000L 0.9mm 39Kg 5*3m Carton Box 1.1*0.57*0.3m
SPLP-80 8000L 0.9mm 50Kg 5.5*3.5m Carton Box 1.1*0.57*0.3m
SPLP-90 9000L 0.9mm 59Kg 6*3.5m Carton Box 1.1*0.57*0.3m
SPLP-100 10000L 1.0mm 75Kg 6*4.5m Carton Box 1.1*0.57*0.3m
SPLP-200 20000L 1.0mm 85.4Kg 7*4.3m Carton Box 1.1*0.67*0.5m
SPLP-300 30000L 1.0mm 142.8Kg 7.3*7m Carton Box 1.1*0.7*0.6m
SPLP-400 40000L 1.2mm 209.6Kg 9*7.3m Wooden Box 1.1*0.8*0.7m
SPLP-500 50000L 1.2mm 256Kg 10*8m Wooden Box 1.1*0.9*0.8m