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Project Description

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Mineral Flexi Tank Water Storage Bag

Mineral Flexi Tank Water Storage Bag

Type: Flexi Tank Water Storage Bag
Capacity: 24,000L
Material: TPU
Application: Mineral
Color: Red, Yellow, Army Green, Bule, White & Black
Certification: ISO9001
Packing: Carton or Wooden Box



Mineral Flexi Tank Water Storage Bag is made of environment-friendly, nontoxic polymer material that contains more than ten kinds of anti-aging, acid-resistant, alkaline-resistant and fire-resistant additives. They have been extensively used for storing and transporting water and fuel. Besides, they are expected to be very user-friendly and can be assembled within two minutes with connectors and pipes supplied. After use, they can be folded for future use. Most importantly, it is affordable and economical.


We provide multiple shapes & function of Flexi Tank Water Storage Bag,
About the multiple shapes: Pillow Shape, Onion Shape, Square Shape & Customized Shape.
About the function: Drinking water tankPortable Water TankWastewater Water TankFuel&Oil Bladder TankFolding Tank,
Onion TankFire Fighting Tank, etc…

Mineral Flexi Tank Water Storage Bag Product-Brief

Flexi Tank Water Storage Bag Material:

TPU Polyether: It is a food grade material, used for drinking require.
TPU Polyester: Usually used for storing oil, gas, fuel
PVC: Common Material for rainwater, firefighting water, agriculture water, wastewater, etc…


Mineral Flexi Tank Water Storage Bag can be used in Firefighting, Industrial water, Firewater, Rainwater harvesting, Irrigation water, Humanitarian,
Concrete mixing water, Drinking water, Slope green water, Sewage water storage and Oil well-cementing storage, diesel oil, aviation fuel and food oil.

Collapsible Water Storage Tank be widely used in Agricultural, humanitarian aid, Public works and, civilian rescue organizations, Potable water storage, Greywater and sewage storage, Fish hatcheries, Rainwater collection, Drilling and industrial water treating, Spill recovery, Firefighting

Flexi Tank Water Storage Bag Feature:

  • Folds up, for easy compact storage
  • High tensile and tear strength
  • Does not leach plastic taste into the water.
  • Self-inflating and pressure draining
  • Resistant to hot and cold temperatures
  • Resistant to microbial attack
  • High-Frequency Welding, Hot Wind Welding
  • No Glue or residue
  • Taps and fittings included
  • Puncture and Abrasion resistant
  • 12-month warranty on Workmanship

Delivery & Packing:

Carton Box + Woven Bag double packing, to protect the goods. We hope you received whole goods when arrived. We use our heart to do with you/
Mineral Flexi Tank Water Storage Bag Packing


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